What is Learning Labs?

Learning Labs is an

e-learning portal designed specifically to support users of assistive technology.

Every feature of the latest assistive technology is broken down into a step-by-step guide, something we call a Lab. This is designed using advice from leading neuroscientists and educational psychologists, creating an effective and inclusive learning experience.

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Neuroscience-based design.

We understand how the brain thinks and learns.

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Ongoing support.

Complements AT training and independent learning.

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Return, repeat, revise.

Log in and learn any place, any time.

What’s in a Lab suite?

Lab suites


Lab types

Our inhouse learning design team gets to know an assistive technology (AT) inside-out before creating a Lab suite on how to use it. We currently have 26 Lab suites, which grows every month. That’s 26 different AT programs or hardware items you can learn how to use in our portal with thousands of specific Labs on all the different features.

There are four Lab types, creating four different opportunities to strengthen memories:

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Do Lab

An interactive, click-through learning experience.

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Watch Lab

A step-by-step video guide with voiceover and captions.

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Read Lab

A downloadable and editable text guide in Word.

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Quiz Lab

An interactive, gamification-style challenge.

Latest Updates

Our inhouse design and development team works to a continuously growing roadmap of updates. Every Learning Labs account is automatically updated with every release. Here’s some of our latest new features we are proud to share with you:

New Lab suites added regularly

As well as popular Assistive Technology software such as Mindview, Read&Write and Dragon, Learning Labs also has Labs on accessibility for everyday operating software such as Mac, Windows, Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Plus, new Lab suites are added all the time. Get in touch for a live demo and see which AT you could be getting e-learning support on.

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Apple Accessibility
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Microsoft Office Accessibility
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Google Accessibility
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Microsoft Office 10 Accessibility

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